Lotus – Christina Aguilera

Lotus – Christina Aguilera


When I first went through the process of making a playlist for this album, only two songs survived (Let There Be Love and Cease Fire.)

I decided to sleep on it, after which I started to wonder why I have such high hopes for Xtina. She’s probably my number one favorite pop star ever since the Stripped era. I’ve realized that my expectations build to impossibly high levels during the large gaps between her albums (2002, 2006, 2010, 2012, and 2018.)

Lotus was fine. It had some great moments and it had some forgettable moments. I lowered my expectations and was able to put together a nine-track playlist that is a very enjoyable album. It may be the lowest-selling album of her career, but it’s worth a listen above!

Songs cut: Red Hot Kinda Love, Sing For Me, Around The World, Circles, Best Of Me, Empty Words, and Shut Up.

Best song: Let There Be Love (seriously, how was this not a SMASH?!)