The filler tracks on this album are the actual filling — tracks 4 to 9 are sandwiched between the three opening songs and the three closers.

There’s a strong pivot towards hip hop in this album, but save for 7 rings and break up, the more hip hop heavy tracks are forgettable.

On the pop side of things, NASA is a fun highlight. Here’s hoping we get a space-themed video that’s a sequel to Break Free.

Songs cut: bloodline, fake smile, bad idea, make up, ghostin, and in my head.

Best song: thank u, next


Sweetener is an album that isn’t afraid to experiment. My favorite tracks are the weird ones, like the light is coming and R.E.M. It’s cool to see such a massively successful pop star take risks like these, especially when they pay off.

Much like Ari’s past two albums, the tracklist also includes too many off-the-shelf formulaic songs. Tracks like everytime and borderline (featuring a disappointing Missy Elliott verse) could be sung by pretty much any pop star out there right now.

That’s not to say those tracks are bad. What I’m saying is that next to pop perfection like God is a woman, some tracks just don’t hold up.

Songs cut: blazed, successful, borderline, pete davidson, and get well soon.

Best song: God is a woman


Ariana’s people selected a mixed bag of songs for My Everything. We have some straight-up bangers that will be associated with Ariana’s legacy for years to come. We also have to endure a few generic, meaningless tracks that serve a purpose of padding out the tracklist.

I’ve taken a slightly stricter stance than her record label to present to you a cut version of 11 tracks to enjoy.

Songs cut: Intro, Be My Baby, Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart, and Hands On Me.

Best song: Break Free


Ariana Grande released one of the best pop songs of the century, and Dangerous Woman was the album that came with it.

I’ve talked before about single-artists versus album-artists. Ariana falls firmly into the former category. The album IS good, but five of the songs fail to make any lasting connection. Still, ten songs remain which is just one less track than her previous album.

Songs cut: Moonlight, Leave Me Lonely, Everyday, I Don’t Care, and Knew Better/ Forever Boy.

Song cut before the album was even released: Remember Focus? This carbon copy of Problem was supposed to be the album’s lead single but was quietly swept under the rug when everyone realized that it, well… sucked.

Best song: Into You