Oh Britney. Musically-speaking, this has to be the low point of her discography. What was billed as her most personal album turned out to be a collection of phoned-in generic pop tracks that lazily followed the radio trends of the time (check out Now That I Found You for the perfect example of this.) You better work harder, b**tch. (Update: she did.)

Songs cut: It Should Be Easy, Tik Tik Boom, Body Ache, Til It’s Gone, Chillin’ With You, Don’t Cry, Brightest Morning Star, Hold On Tight, and Now That I Found You.

Best song: Work B**tch


Britney’s team made her a damn good album with a bunch of disappointing filler tracks. If she had released the cut version above, it would have been a 10/10.

Songs cut: Make Me… is a much too safe choice for a single, especially when there are so many more interesting choices. Also removed: Man On The Moon, Love Me Down, Hard To Forget Ya, What You Need, Better, Coupure Èlectrique.

Best song: If I’m Dancing