Some say Gaga’s career started to falter during the Born This Way era, which may have been partly fueled by the accusations that the album’s title track ripped off Madonna’s Express Yourself.

Personally, I think these accusations were vastly overexaggerated. We live in a time where so many songs have been created, with so many different combinations of notes used, that eventually some songs are going to end up sounding like others. While the similarities of the songs are clear, I don’t believe it was intentional nor should Gaga have been so heavily criticized for it.

The Born This Way album stands strong in the hall of fame of her 1.5 albums that came before it. The songs are unashamedly danceable pop with that little sprinkle of weirdness that we love Gaga for. There are plenty of out-there experimental tracks that set Gaga apart from the rest of the pop crop (Americano and Scheiße being fantastic examples.)

While I love this album, I’ve still cut six tracks that I found myself skipping with every listen. The eleven-track playlist of remaining songs is a journey of pop excellence. Enjoy!

Songs cut: Government Hooker, Hair, Fashion Of His Love, Highway Unicorn (Road To Love), Electric Chapel, and The Queen.

Best song: Marry The Night