There are singles-artists, who have smash hit songs followed up with an album of mostly-forgettable tracks that they will never perform again once that album cycle is over (cough… Rihanna… cough cough.)

Then there are album-artists, whose records deserve to be listened to as a complete body of work, not just a few standout tracks.

Taylor is an album queen, which is why it’s so hard to skip songs on the masterpiece that is 1989. I’ve cut three tracks that are forgettable in the context of the album. That’s not to say they’re bad songs, but next to tracks like Style and Blank Space, they just don’t measure up.

Songs cut: All You Had To Do Was Stay, I Wish You Would, and How You Get The Girl.

Best song: Out Of The Woods.


A solid effort from Taylor, with 12 out of 15 songs making the cut here.

Songs nixed: The songs Gorgeous and This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things are both nice songs, but I found myself skipping them on every listen. New Year’s Day is a pleasant piano ballad, but the album finishes much stronger with the romantic slow jam Call It What You Want.

Best song: Delicate