Femme Fatale was released smack-bang in the middle of an era when Britney appears to be phoning it in. I write this in the hope that one day the Britney we know and love will return.

For now, we’ll have to settle for the version of Britney that doesn’t sing, barely dances, and seems genuinely terrified during every public appearance she makes (and I don’t blame her after all she’s been through.)

Britney went from setting trends to following them. Her post-Blackout musical efforts conform to the styles of the moment. They play it safe—much too safe for an artist whose name defines the modern pop era.

Like Circus, Britney Jeanand Glorywe get a mixed bag of hits and misses here. Britney still gets the best songwriters and producers in the industry, so the nine (out of sixteen) tracks that remain are well worth a listen.

Songs cut: (Drop Dead) Beautiful, Seal It with a Kiss, Big Fat Bass, Gasoline, Up N’ Down, He About To Lose Me, and Selfish.

Best song: Till the World Ends (but featuring Ke$ha & Nicki Minaj)


Oh Britney. Musically-speaking, this has to be the low point of her discography. What was billed as her most personal album turned out to be a collection of phoned-in generic pop tracks that lazily followed the radio trends of the time (check out Now That I Found You for the perfect example of this.) You better work harder, b**tch. (Update: she did.)

Songs cut: It Should Be Easy, Tik Tik Boom, Body Ache, Til It’s Gone, Chillin’ With You, Don’t Cry, Brightest Morning Star, Hold On Tight, and Now That I Found You.

Best song: Work B**tch